20 Chiropractic Fun Facts

chiropractic fun facts

Chiropractic Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

Ready for some fun facts that will make you question everything you thought you knew about chiropractic care? Join us today as we explore 20, not only fun, but also interesting chiropractic facts.

Have you been thinking about visiting a chiropractor for spinal problems? Do you believe that’s all chiropractic can help you with?

That couldn’t be further from the truth! 

In reality, chiropractic is so much more than “back cracking”. 

Although among the many treatments chiropractors perform in their office, manual spine adjustment is a common practice, but there’s so much more to know about this complex science. 

So let’s dig in!

1. Born In The 19th Century

Chiropractic care has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. But the profession has existed for more than a hundred years.

The history of chiropractic dates back to 1895. Back then, a doctor called Daniel David Palmer performed the first spine adjustment. Following the treatment, his patient regained hearing after 17 years from an accident which left him deaf. 

2. We Don’t Heal You

Your body does!  

And if you still struggle to understand what chiropractic really is about, the following quote by Dr. Palmer will maybe shed some light: “Healing is a process afforded to you by your Creator and is above and beyond the control of man. Your Chiropractor does everything possible to help Innate heal-but {she/he} cannot heal nor can anyone else produce healing for you. When the right adjustment is made, Innate goes to work. You feel the results when dis-ease turns to ease.”

3. More Than Just Alleviating Pain

As a matter of fact, chiropractic is looking mostly at preventing rather than alleviating. This is not just a fun fact, but a serious thing!

We know that most people don’t think of consulting a physician until they are in pain. That’s why, we recommend that you don’t wait till it hurts to take care of your health.

Regular checkups with your chiropractor when you’re in peak health can help a lot. We will help you not only alleviate symptoms, but also prevent health problems before they appear. 

4. Becoming a Chiropractor Is Not Easy

Yes, we know the rumors… chiropractors are not medical doctors. But if you didn’t know, chiropractors are licensed doctors too!

We have strong foundations of anatomy, physiology, radiology, stress management, nutrition and many others. And during the 4 years of school required to get our license, we perform extensive hands-on training for proper diagnosis and the appropriate treatments.

To obtain a doctorate degree in chiropractic care, we needed to complete a minimum of 4,200 hours of classroom, lab and clinical internships.

Next up in our chiropractic fun facts... 

5. Musculoskeletal Manipulation What?

So hard to even pronounce. With such a difficult name, you are right to wonder what musculoskeletal manipulation actually does.

Musculoskeletal manipulation includes various manipulations of body tissues, muscles and bones. These help the body heal itself by repairing the body-mind connection. 

6. We See Millions 

Not dollars, patients.

Chiropractors today are the third largest group of health care providers after Physicians and Dentists. In the United States alone, around 40 million people visit a Chiropractor each year. 

7. We Know Famous People

With so much worldwide recognition, no wonder many celebrities rely on chiropractic for natural healing. We’re talking about actors, athletes, singers, TV presenters, you name it.

And if you want us to really name some names, here goes. Arnold Schwarzenneger, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Joe Montana or Andy Griffith are just a few that the chiropractic world prides itself with.

8. It Has Greek Origins

And that’s the name that the father of Chiropractic care, Dr. Daniel David Palmer chose. Chiropractic comes from the Greek words “praxis” meaning practice, and “cheir” , which means to treat by using hands.

9. How Much Do Chiropractors Cost?

Weather and money are usually taboo to discuss. But many of you probably wonder how much chiropractic adjustment costs.

With costs ranging on average around $40-70 per treatment, chiropractic procedures are a cost-effective alternative for treating a wide range of conditions. Not to mention many of the treatments are covered by insurance.

But as different clinics have different costs, it’s better to discuss with your practitioner to find out more.

10. Everyone Is Welcome

Chiropractic care is recommended for everyone, of all ages!

From adults, pregnant women and children, to even animals, anyone who has a spine is welcome to visit us.

11. Professional Athletes Love Us The Most

It’s not just something that we like to brag about. Studies have actually shown that chiropractic helped improve athletic performance. 

This derives from an increased range of motion and a heightened awareness of how your body moves. 

12. Think Our Profession Is Some Unregulated Mumbo Jumbo?

Think again! 

Chiropractic is recognized and regulated by law in all 50 states throughout the US. Not to mention all the other countries around the world.

13. Chiropractic Care Is Based On The Nervous System

The fundamental belief of chiropractic care is that most health related problems are based on misalignments of the spine. Nervous system disorders are difficult and complicated to treat by traditional medicine as they are based on unknown and puzzling mechanisms. 

By helping the nervous system to work better, chiropractic adjustment can help the entire body to work in unison.

14. We Have More Techniques Than A Month Has Days

If you are afraid you’ll get bored in our practice, that won’t be the case!

With 55 established chiropractic techniques to choose from, boring is the last thing that will cross your mind when visiting us. Well, we wanted to keep that a secret and let you discover them one by one.

But now that you know, we would be more than happy to show them all to you.

15. Think Spinal Misalignment Doesn’t Happen Easy?

It does!

An incorrect office position, or a physical trauma like falling, are easy starting points. Even stress or an unhealthy diet can cause a fast degeneration or other spinal issues. The discs in the spine will show wear and tear with time, and will become thinner too. 

16. The Extra Vertebrae

Humans have five vertebrae in the lumbar region. But did you know some people are born having an extra bone in their spine?

Although not common, having a sixth lumbar vertebrae in your spine can sometimes happen. It’s just one more of those biological exceptions nature likes to surprise us with.

17. Thought Only Vitamin C Can Raise Your Immunity?

Did you know that Chiropractic care can help you catch less colds? 

The entire immune system is improved with chiropractic adjustments which help increase respiratory function. Surprisingly, a well-adjusted spine can help you prevent infections and fight off sickness better. 

Not to say you will also be less susceptible to injuries.

18. A Personalized Holistic Approach To Wellness

Each one of us is unique. And all parts of our body need to work together in perfect balance for optimal health and wellbeing. These two of the core beliefs of chiropractic care. 

You want to know what to expect? As our patient, except for manual adjustments, we will also offer you valuable counselling regarding nutrition, exercise and overall lifestyle choices.

19. A High Percent Of Patient Satisfaction

We make all our patients happy. 

Want proof? Just read our wonderful success stories.

20. Chiropractic Is More Than The Eyes Can See

What do we mean by that? A lot. 

But in the case of this chiropractic fact, we want to tell you about Dr. Charles Robinson Johnston. As one of the most well known and best chiropractors of all times, Dr. Robinson was actually blind.

Curious to find out more interesting and fun chiropractic facts?

Visit our blog or even better, contact us to make an appointment and come meet us in person!

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