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Dr. Andrea Friese

I first met with Dr. Andrea when I took my mother-in-law to her after she injured her back. She had a bad fall and was hardly able to walk. Only after two visits, the difference was incredible. She kept saying Dr. Andrea has miraculous hands! A few years later when my husband started having back issues, he decided to get treatment from Dr. Andrea. Sure enough, she worked her magic with him too. After witnessing their experiences, I went to see her with my shoulder pain therefore now she is our wonderful family chiropractor. Life and work can sometimes put a lot of stress on our bodies and we need a place to heal. Dr. Andrea is not only extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and thorough but also genuinely cares about her patients. We also love her facility and the view from her office is gorgeous. Big huge windows overlooking beautiful greenbelt with tall trees give you the feeling as if you are being treated outdoors. It is a wonderful feeling to walk into this office and feel like you are being treated physically and spiritually plus you leave with such a positive vibe. Savanna, at the front desk, is professional and welcoming with the friendliest smile. She schedules appointments so that you almost never have to wait. Honestly, if you want to feel better, then do yourself a favor and come visit them. I always look forward to my visits. Thank you, Advance Chiropractic, you guys are amazing!! -- Rosa B.

I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Friese as my chiropractor. She is very knowledgeable in her field and has been able to advise in other aspects of my health during my pregnancy. I always look forward to seeing her, I feel like I am coming to see family since she and her office staff are very friendly.  She massages me very deeply prior to adjusting me which has helped my pain.  She goes above and beyond to ensure her patients are happy. I highly recommend Dr. Friese. --Yogita S.

As a dentist I have suffered with occupational neck, shoulder and back pain for years. During the last year I have received dramatic relief from my chronic discomfort through treatment from Dr. Andrea Friese and I highly recommend her services to anyone with similar complaints. --Terry H.

I wasn't sure what to expect because I'd never been to a chiropractor. I was immediately at ease in Dr. Andrea Friese's office. I in NO way felt like she was "milking" me for money. It was actually the opposite.  Our initial meeting was extremely informational. I learned about how my spine works and how it affects my body. She used diagrams, photos, and x-rays to explain everything. She also had me do some stretches and she did a brief exam to evaluate my back. I was surprised to find out so many things I thought were "normal" were not. I've had menstrual cramps for years. Horrible-stay home from work- cramps. Doctors prescribed medications to solve the problem. I also had upper back/neck "tension" which I figured was due to stress. She showed me on a diagram where these areas are on my spine were. I decided to get x-rays done (which she offers as an option and the money isn't paid to her) and we found some really interesting things. The areas where I've had issues were visibly misaligned on the x-rays. I had visible proof that she wasn't milking me for money or lying. She was extremely flexible with what I could afford. I honestly felt like she wanted to help me and I actually felt like she has gone above and beyond what I pay to see her. I want to let everyone know I did not see results immediately. It  definitely took more than two visits. I'm not sure if this is common but I'm glad I stuck with it. It was probably a month or two (2x a week) before I started to notice results. I no longer take any medications for my cramps!!! NONE! I get slight cramps but nothing like I used to. This was probably the most exciting thing for me. I've also felt more flexibility in my spine and the "normal tension" I felt is gone. I've also been very healthy, I haven't had a cold since I've seen her (I work in a high school and I'm surrounded by germs)! I'm so happy to have a natural cure to these ailments. Although my insurance doesn't cover my visits I know it is a cheaper and healthier option for me. --Desiree M. 

Dr. Friese sees my entire family. She is personable and genuine with great bedside manner as well as being thorough and very practical. She helps me with my vertigo with inner ear adjustments(!?) all the way to my wrists and ankles. I especially love her sense of humor. She is always available when I need her!!! I recommend adding Dr Friese to your weekly maintenance program...I'm usually pain-free if I see her on a weekly basis to keep things aligned. Thank you Dr. Friese!!! --Pearl N.

I love Dr. Friese.  She helped so much through my pregnancy!  I highly recommend her.  The other review is so wrong about Dr's milking you.  Dr. Andrea started me out at 3 times per week and now I'm down to bi-weekly.  You will feel better in no time. --Shalena B.

Dr. Friese knows her stuff.  She is easy to talk to, she understands your pain and she adjusts with ease.  She is great with kids (she has two of her own) and pregnant Moms (and even Dads).  Chiropractic is for the entire family no matter what their age.  When I am in Los Gatos I see Dr. Friese.  You should too! --Julia M. 


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